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her light refused to go out

Another few hours to myself. Where to go? What to do? 

I’m not ashamed to say I spent the first 20 minutes of this kid-free venture parked in my car, watching Youtube videos. It’s hilarious the things we run to for release when we get a second to breathe.

My self-absorbed second ended abruptly as a beautiful smile caught my eye. It belonged to Sue, her Czech last name sounded like “Smetaca”. She needed help with something in her car, and her option for a close, reliable solution was me. Poor, sweet Sue.

But that was just it. This silver-haired lady wasn’t poor at all. She was a vibrant 83-year-old who filled her days by helping people. It appeared to me, after just a short conversation, this woman lacked no good thing.

Sue is the youngest of thirteen, with four of her siblings still living. She worked as a nurse here in San Diego for over 40 years. She’s highly educated but prefers to let her desire to be a good neighbor shine brighter than any title — unlike her 89-year-old brother who’s working on his third PhD.

“Does he need attention or what?” she’d joked lovingly.

Sue is full. She’s full enough to overflow and fill me. There’s no way for her to know it, this whole “email” thing can be difficult to navigate, but this woman with her crystal blue eyes and wide, bright smile gave me a rainbow.

I mentioned she needed assistance with her car, didn’t I? I tried everything I could, climbed inside the front seat, pushed all the buttons, opened every compartment, but her light refused to go out.

I pray one day when I’m a young 80-something, mine will do the same.

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